“If You Qualify, You Will Be Offered A Unique Chance For a "VIP Ticket" To The SEO Mindset... Virtually Sit Next To Me and Discover SEO Firsthand...”

... And Get 4 Excellent Bonuses Too!

Think for a minute, about what you REALLY want from The SEO Mindset. My guess is that you want one or more of these things. You want...

100% FREE targeted traffic pouring in to your websites from around the world, eager to buy what you are selling
To beam with pride as you see your sites on top of Google and even show your friends and family

To make your site totally IMMUNE to "Google Slaps" so you can sleep at night knowing that your business is secure

To easily make the changes necessary for all this to come true because it wouldn't be any fun if you had to spend all your time doing the SEO

To become recognized as an SEO expert by peers and competitors... maybe even someone they look to for advice


Dear SEO Mindset ebook Owner,

I am giving in... just a little bit.

You see, I have been offered as much as $25,000 cash by a successful marketer to teach him SEO. But I turned him down.

I get these offers because I have had phenomenal success in the world of SEO and I am a recognized leader. See, I have an SEO list of over 80,000 active subscribers... all learning SEO from lessons I've written.

On top of that, I have another 18,000 SEO Elite users.

Because all these people see my SEO knowledge and results, I get asked at least 5 times a week if I do personal consulting. I say, "No" every single time. This has been going on for years. I don't care how much they're willing to pay me. I knew that if I said yes to one person, I would be deluged with requests.

I would end up doing nothing but SEO consulting and neglecting my businesses. I could not think of a way to offer SEO mentoring that was fair to everyone, including myself. 

Until now...

"I Figured Out How To Personally Teach EVERYONE!"

The development of The SEO Mindset was not theory.

Every tip and technique is based on years of experience in the real world. I have used the information you get in The SEO Mindset to propel my sites to the top of Google time after time.

But that's not enough. As I developed the program, everything had to be tried and tested to ensure it works perfectly. And that is when the idea hit me. The answer to me being in 1000 places at once was crystal clear.

Record everything I do for and package it into the SEO Mindset Home Study Course!

Imagine Learning SEO In My Office

This has a huge number of extra advantages but the most important is that you get to be right there with us as we go through the process. You hear our thoughts and ideas as they come to us and watch right over our shoulders.

This way you can join me in my office at any time it is convenient for you, and watch me work.

“Brad, Isn't the SEO Mindset
E-Book Enough?”


Yes, for most people.

All the information you need to land your sites on the front page of Google and Yahoo is spelled out in detail. 

But experience has taught me one thing. Some people need more than just an e-book. This is why I am asking that you qualify before I offer you the SEO Mindset Home Study Course. 

If you don't need them, I don't want you to buy them.

The whole idea is to give you maximum opportunity for success.

You might not need the personal level of attention you get with the home study course. Many people do not. They are quite capable of taking written material and running with it. If you are one of those types, you already have exactly what you need to meet your goals. 

But, I am sure you know people learn best in different ways. And recent research in learning has proven that when multiple "modalities" are used, learning improves in everyone. A modality is just a fancy way of describing how things are taught.

The 3 main modalities are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. In simple terms we learn either with our eyes (visual), ears (auditory) or by feeling and doing (kinesthetic). Everyone has a primary modality... one that works best for them. But we can all learn in other modalities too. 

And that is where it gets really cool. 

“Learning Is More Effective Using Multiple Modalities”

See, reading is purely visual. All the information is coming in through your eyes. 40% of us are visual learners so we learn best using our eyes. That leaves 60% though who learn better by hearing or by doing.

There are ways to figure out which modality works best for you but the best part is, you don't have to figure it out. This is because the absolute best way is to learn with all 3 modalities. And that is what you get with the SEO Mindset Home Study Course.

And it's easy to see that that means, right?

The SEO Mindset Home Study Course helps you succeed in several ways:

You increase your chance of success because you use multiple learning modes
You learn SEO easier and faster because you kick back, watch the Discs instead of reading
You get your sites SEO'd quicker because you actually SEO your sites as you follow along
You start getting traffic sooner and that means you start earning more money sooner

“Brad, It Looks To Me Like EVERYONE Gains Here...”

You are absolutely right. 

Everyone would be better off with the SEO Mindset Home Study Course. So why am I making you qualify to get them? It is simple. 

They are not for everybody because I don't want you to buy them if you are not going to use them. You may recall, I have been asked for years to offer my services. I have gotten every kind of offer that you can imagine. I was even offered $25,000 to teach SEO to one guy.

So I'll tell you right now, this is a considerable investment. It has to be to be fair to myself and to be fair to all the people that have tried to hire me in the past. There are 2 things that are important to me when you make the investment in the SEO Mindset.

  1. That you really need them
  2. That you will use the material

So how are we going to figure out if you qualify? It's not that hard. All you have to do is...

“Answer 3 Simple Questions To See If You Qualify”

YES NO Have you purchased an e-book in the past and not achieved everything the book said you would achieve?
YES NO Do you have e-books you have purchased in the past, sitting unread on your hard drive?
YES NO Do you promise to learn the material and put what you learn to work on your sites?


“STOP! If You Didn't Answer "Yes" To All 3 Questions, You Should Not Invest In The SEO Mindset Home Study Course”

If you scored 3 "Yes" answers, please read on.

Congratulations! If you are reading this, everything is perfect. Not only are you just the one I want to make this incredible package available to, but you are someone that will benefit the most from it. By combining these three things...

Visual Learning
Audio Learning
Learning by doing

You are tripling your chance at actually putting what you learn to work and achieving the success you want. In other words, you just cannot fail. So let's see what you get.

“Brad, Show Me What I Am Getting...”

Check Out Your SEO Mindset Home Study Course...
You Get All This Mailed To Your Doorstep!

You got it.

Your Own Bound Copy of the SEO Mindset

First, you get everything included in the SEO Mindset E-book but it is printed and bound in a 3-ring binder with the awesome "SEO Mindset" Graphics cover so you can impress your friends.

This is the entire 130 pages printed on quality bond paper with plenty of room for you to add your own notes in the margins. You can even add more paper if you run out of room.

Being in a loose leaf binder means you can take it anywhere with you and read it at your own pace, reread it at your leisure and mark your favorite sections with "sticky notes" for quick reference. 

I don't know about you, but I really like having something in my hands when I read it. And I love to have information like this where I can grab it and turn right to the page I am looking for, don't you?

“Hang On, We Are Just Getting Started!”

I have taken the SEO Mindset e-book and literally brought it to life!

We filmed every SEO tip, trick & technique in high quality video. And then put it onto 10 information packed Discs. 

See what I mean when I tell you this is as close as you can get to personal mentoring?

You Get All This On Your Doorstep!

You are practically sitting next to us as we go through performing SEO on our own sites. 

You ride along as we navigate to the resource you discover in the book. There won't be any fumbling around, confusion or misunderstandings because seeing is doing.

You can fire your computer up, play the discs in one corner of your screen and run your browser in the other. Then we'll step right through it all together. I cannot make it any easier, can I?

Afraid of HTML?

Believe me, you won't be after watching these discs. We will open them together and quickly and easily make our changes. It is all about "learning by doing".

“Brad, With You Leading The Way, I Will Be An SEO Wizard In No Time!”

You are correct!

Think about this. You will be sitting down and working side by side with the creator of the program. As you do what we do, hear what we say and learn what weI know, there is only one result possible...

You develop the SEO Mindset!

And when you do, everything changes. You will think about SEO like a search engine. And when you reach that point, there is nothing between you and the top of Google but a little time. It will happen. And you will enjoy the benefits in increased traffic and sales.

You get to tap into my brain and drain every ounce of my SEO knowledge right into your brain. I am not holding anything back. 

Remember the Vulcan mind meld? That is the kind of power you have in your hands.

It's truly a unique opportunity. For the first time every, I am allowing you a chance to "peek inside my mind" and swipe the secrets of how I consistently land and keep my sites ranked high in all the search engines.

You discover, step by step, exactly what to do to march your sites right up the search engine results. And then, you get the kind of sales and profits you've always dreamed of.

And you will sleep like a baby because you have built your success on sound principals, not fads and gimmicks.

“What are on the discs Brad?”

Here is what you get on your 10 Discs:

Disc 1: The SEO Mindset — Getting starting with your sites and more importantly, YOU
Disc 2: Your SEO Master Plan — How to plan your whole SEO strategy

Disc 3: Setting Goals & Keyword Research — Set Goals for Your Site & Build the right keyword lists

Disc 4: HTML Tutorials — How To setup your sites
Disc 5: Link Building — How to build incoming links and organize your outgoing links

Disc 6: Finding Partners — How to find partners to link to your sites

Disc 7:Link Valuation — Which links do you want and which to stay away from
Disc 8: Link Worthy Content - How to create link worthy content
Disc 9: Competitive Analysis — Dig into your competitors and find out what to take away and what to make your own
Disc 10: Track Your Campaign — See exactly what is working and what needs work

I'm sure you will agree this is the most complete SEO package every produced. Each disc shows first hand all of the knowledge I have spent years discovering. Some of this information has never been seen before outside of my business.

"And Here Is What You Get ONLY With This Deal..."

When you invest in The SEO Mindset Home Study Course, you get all the expert SEO knowledge and advice... You get the same fantastic free tools that come with the e-book... But you get even more!

You read that right!

I am lucky to be in a position to be able to pick up the phone and talk to some of the best and brightest in the SEO community. I'm talking about guys that are living legends in the world of SEO. 

And we did just that. WeI called for friends of mine and talked them into conducting 4 Webinars with us! I have recorded these Webinars on disc for you and you get all 4 exclusively with this package.

Take a look at them...

Bonus #1: Dan Thies "The Keyword Guru" of SEOResearchLabs.com

Dan Thies,
The Keyword Guru


SEO Research Labs performs keyword research using their proprietary tools and highly trained keyword research consultants.

Dan has been practicing, studying and teaching advanced search engine marketing strategy and tactics for several years. He is also the author of two popular books on search engine marketing, SEO Fast Start and the Search Engine Marketing Kit.

Dan launched SEO Research Labs in early 2003, following numerous requests from readers for keyword research services. In December 2003, Dan spoke on the "Search Term Research" panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago, and is now a regular speaker on keyword research.

In this exclusive interview and Webinar, Dan is going to open up and let you in on some cutting-edge SEO stuff and he is just the guy to do it. He's out there on the front lines every day. You do not want to miss this interview.

If you even could sit down with Dan, his rate would be over $500 per hour. This interview is your chance. It is valued at $497.

Bonus #2: Jerry West of SEORevolution.com

Jerry West


Jerry started SEO Revolution out of frustration. He was sick of all the misconceptions that are posted in forums, given as advice in teleconferences, and even taught in live workshops. "So why didn't all of this work?" " Why wasn't my site successful?" " Why am I still stuck in a rut?"

Here is the answer: They didn't test their information before they gave it to you.

Jerry decided to change "the norm". That is what the SEO Revolution is about: They test their methods and implement their findings on our own sites. Their results are not just opinion but tested on hundreds of domains, across multiple servers and multiple platforms. 

Jerry despises half-baked advice and "hot tips" that look good for the moment, but eventually leave you in the same old slump. Do you see why I like Jerry? He has the SEO Mindset!

In our interview, Jerry is going to reveal tried, tested and proven SEO advice to you. Advice you can count on.

Jerry is a tough guy to arrange a sitdown with which means this advice is priceless. If I had to estimate a value based on the contents, I would tell you that if you cannot get $497 worth of information from this interview, you are not watching.

Bonus #3: Marc Lindsay: The "Underground" Genius of PLR Pro


Marc Lindsay


Marc Lindsay is an "underground" marketer that tends to stay out of the public eye. He's the genius behind PLRPro.com, which is the world's largest Private Label Rights membership website.

Marc is absolutely brilliant when it comes to anything SEO and keyword research related. He specializes in Word Press content style websites and makes 5 figures per month from Google Adsense alone.

Marc will be revealing valuable insight into optimizing your websites. He is an expert and finding those "hard to find" secondary keywords that will boost your search engine rankings easily. And speaking of that, Marc reveals his own quick way to get your site indexed in a heartbeat.

As I said, Marc is a guy that likes to stay in the background and rake in the bucks. Which means, it would be almost impossible to get him to sit with you and discuss his SEO magic at any price. I can guarantee that he would not do it for $497 but in fairness to my other friends, that is easily a fair value for this interview.

Bonus #4: Jack Humphrey: Creator of JackHumphrey.com

Jack Humphrey


Who Is Jack Humphrey?

Jack Humphrey is a full-time professional web marketing consultant, authority site builder, the author of Power Linking, Authority Black Book, co-author of Bend the Web, and the managing partner of Authority Site Center.

The Friday Traffic Report is written by Jack Humphrey and created for blog marketers and online business owners who want more targeted traffic for their sites.

In our interview Jack focuses on many different strategies for blog promotion along with tactics to drive traffic to any kind of site by developing an authority site presence through Web 2.0 (social networking) marketing strategies.

He is giving you much of the same information he sells on his own site for $297 but then even more information about SEO in general. This interview has a fair value of $397.

Purchased individually, the bonus gifts you'll receive would cost $1,888 · and they're ALL yours absolutely FREE.

"How Much Would You Expect To Pay For the Single Most Comprehensive SEO Package — EVER?"

I won't beat around the bush here. My SEO Mindset Home Study Course includes ...

The whole 10-disc set · an entire lifetime's worth of Search Engine Optimization and marketing know how boiled down into over 12 value-packed hours·
The massive 130 page binder containing every the complete contents of the SEO Mindset book and plenty of room to make notes ·
The 4 SEO Grand Master Webinars — exclusively for SEO Mindset owners filled to the brim with $1,888 worth of FREE search engine results-rocketing information.

· Is yours for the remarkably reasonable price of $847.

Why is $847 so reasonable?

Well for one thing, I have turned down $25,000 cash to teach these secrets to a marketer. And I turn down 5 offers a week asking for the same thing. 

So charging less than $847 would be like punishing those who have tried to hire me as their personal mentor.

Plus, if I did accept one of these offers, all of the expenses for me to personally mentor you would cost more than $847. I'm talking about airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

But there·s a much better reason why $847 is a screaming bargain for the secrets revealed in The SEO Mindset Home Study Course:

These secrets make others millions of dollars every year.

They make me millions of dollars.

And they can do the same for you

“And Know This — I Always Deliver Everything I Promise”

Strike that, the truth is I over-deliver.

I promised to instill in you every bit of valuable SEO knowledge I have learned... and I have. I promised to show you what works and what doesn·t... and I have. I promised to reveal the mistakes that stand between you and the spectacular success I've achieved... and I have. 

And most importantly I promised to give you everything you need to land your sites on the front page of Google, Yahoo and MSN. And I did!

As you have seen my own sites rankings and as you·ve seen from the testimonials on the previous page · I delivered it all. Everything you need to move your sites to the top of the search engines, drive the traffic that will make as rich as you have always dreamed.

The rest is up to you.

And, if you're still skeptical, remember that...

Your Investment Is Always Fully Backed Byc My Full ...

It Is Your Turn To Get The SEO Mindset Home Study Course &

Join Me At The Top of The Search Engines!

I've shown you a no-risk way to blast the search engine placement of every website you own in your business... and rake in more profit with the higher results... the next move is up to YOU.

You know that sometimes an e-book just doesn't work for you... that you need more. Hey, we all do! Modern research into learning has proven, without a doubt, that the more modalities you involve in teaching, the more learning takes place.

That is what the SEO Mindset Home Study Course is all about. The stuff is going to sink in deep. It is going to be burned into your brain.

You are getting a $25,000+ opportunity to virtually receive personal SEO consulting from us. You will learn SEO with an expert first-hand and you will soon BE an expert SEO master yourself. You cannot stop it if you try. That is the power of learning when you combine visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities.

Ah, forget those words. You are learning with your eyes, ears and hands because you will actually be working right along with me. There is no better way. And I mean that.

Think about this. With the entire Home Study Course, you learn when you are most receptive to it. You learn at your own pace and take breaks when you want to. I promise you, I am a workaholic and when I'm in my office, it is all business. Truthfully, you might not like it so much. 

But with the Course, it is not an issue. You set the schedule.

You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late. Every second that passes is one more second it takes to start climbing the search engines.

Use the latest learning technology to get your business on track to higher search engine placement, increased sales, and a lot more profits ASAP!

“Imagine This For Just a Second...”

Your doorbell rings...

You open the door to find a large box. You grab it up, run for the kitchen to get a knife and carefully slice open the box.

Neatly packed inside is your own SEO Mindset Home Study Course. You lift out the binder and the cover graphic blows you away... your heart rate bumps up about 15 beats per minute. Then one by one you pull out all 14 Discs.

You begin to feel it inside. You get a feeling that this moment is an important one in your life. And it is. You are beginning a new journey. A journey down a new path. Neither you or I know exactly where it will go, but it is exciting to imagine the possibilities.

These moments are what life is all about and I am excited for you to have yours!

The SEO Mindset Home Study Course is the only course with this kind of comprehensive information on search engine optimization available in this format. You won't find anything like it elsewhere.

So go ahead and order right away. Won't you?

SEO Mindset Home Study Course
VIP Order Form


Send me the Home Study Course ASAP, Brad! I'm both ready and eager to fly up the search engine results pages so I can increase my sales and boost my conversion rate with targeted traffic! I realize that the Home Study Course is the best source on the Internet for SEO advice.

And, learning with my eyes, ears and hands on training is, by far, the most effective way to fill my head with this voluminous package!

I understand that:

  • Once my investment is successfully processed, you will immediately ship my mega package directly to my home by express shipping.

  • My investment is only a one-time expense of $847.

  • My Investment is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first 8 weeks, I can ask for a complete refund on my investment

Click here to order today for only $847

Order online safely and securely. All major credit cards and
online checking are accepted.


To your new SEO mindset,

Brad Callen,
Bryxen Software, Inc.

PS: Start Learning the 2008 Way by using your eyes, ears and hands. Learn to build a business immune to Google slaps. Sit next to me and follow along as you steal years of SEO experience to rocket your sites up the search engine results pages. And then enjoy the targeted traffic and increased profits you get from these results. Click to get The SEO Mindset Home Study Course Today!

PPS: I am taking all the risk so you have got nothing to lose. I over deliver on everything I sell so I can sleep at night. I am 110% sure you will be happier than a 5 year old on Christmas morning with your package. But if for any reason you are not, no worries. Your investment is guaranteed for a full 8 weeks. That gives you all the time in the world to check out SEO Mindset and see for yourself. Click to get The SEO Mindset Home Study Course Now.

PPPS: This is a ONE-TIME OFFER! You will never have the opportunity to invest in this package again... at any price. Please do NOT click off this page unless you are positively certain you will succeed with the SEO Mindset E-book. Your success is my only concern. If you have ever bought an ebook and failed to follow through, you owe it to yourself to have The SEO Mindset Home Study Course delivered to your home.






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